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KeHE Distributors, LLC

Huge Elderberry Market Development News!

Distribution of all River Hills Harvest ElderBerry Juice products has recently taken a giant step in geographical distribution to retail stores. Their products are now being activated and stocked at KeHE's Bloomington, IN and Chino, CA distribution centers.  They are adding additional marketing and production teams to establish and support retail stores covering the vast center of the USA from MI & Western PA, WI-MN and southwest to UT and CA. This retail expansion will nourish a growing market to meet the growing US production of elderberry.

Retailers who are not supplied from Bloomington, IN or Chino, CA DCs should take advantage of River Hills Harvest Direct Ship program. Down this this document for a description of that program.  As River Hills Harvest grown the number of retailers in each are, they will be able to add product inventory to more of KeHE’s DCs.

KeHE Distributors, LLC website.

RETAILERS:  Contact your KeHE salesperson.

IF YOU LIVE IN THIS TARGETED, MID-USA AREA, PUT IN A WRITTEN REQUEST FOR RIVER HILLS HARVEST ELDERBERRY JUICE PRODUCTS WITH YOUR FAVORITE RETAILER CARRYING NATURAL / ORGANIC ITEMS! That will make it much easier for them to get product into your area retailers and provide future demand for more harvested elderberry sales.

Stores in many of these states can now order River Hills Harvest’s great tasting, minimally (5 minutes at low heat) processed, shelf stable products directly from their KeHE Representative. KeHE is an employee-owned company and one of the leading distributors of natural products in North America through multiple marketing channels. 

As the map shows, RHH will eventually grow distribution to fill all of the USA and Canada as they are able to increase production without sacrificing our great taste and low processed quality. In this way they can provide a growing market to MEC growers and the entire network of farmers growing North American Elder - S. canadensis, and health to communities across our continent. More specifics as they develop.

KeHE Distribution-map

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