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We only sell what we grow in the USA: native elder flowers and berries…Because they taste better![Click here to read a journal article comparing European Sambucus nigra and native North American Sambucus nigra canadensis.]

We had a reasonably good harvest this year along with many new producing acres. At this point it seems that MEC has access to a sufficiently diverse set of producing farms with significantly more acres to much better smooth out the weather differences that affect all agricultural production.

Being a native perennial, North American elderberry (Sambucus nigra canadensis) acts as a catalyst to better agricultural practices for many farmers. It can help revive rural economies and communities while providing nutrient dense flowers and berries that have healed humanity and the environment since earliest ages. It is a path to living in better harmony with the creation we call Nature. Growing native elder provides better pay for farm owners and labor as well as better health for people from many different ethnic traditions. 

More About Elderberries

This website is one of three websites offering information about native elder flowers and berries. 

For more on elderflower and elderberry potential health benefits, see: https://about.midwest-elderberry.coop/

For more info on how to grow elderberries, see: https://grow.midwest-elderberry.coop/

Organized as an open cooperative, Midwest Elderberry Cooperative’s (MEC) network of 100+ small to mid-sized farmers, located across the USA from CA to VA, are our greatest resource. 

They go beyond the sharing of information towards solving common problems and challenges from the design of equipment and quality control processes to simply getting the berries or flowers picked and packed and delivered to hundreds of craft food and beverage producers. 


And that means we can run out of elder berries and flowers because we do not have enough growers and USA acreage cultivated with our native wild-selected cultivars. Our native elder are wild selected. We just put them in a field so that they don't run away! We invest in their soil to bring your better, naturally nutrient dense native elderberry and elderflower ingredients - often certified organic and grown by farmers practicing regenerative agriculture

To learn more about how growing elderberry contributes to a healthy environment and rural economy, please go to the Growers tab.

Ingredient Product Update

October 2021: 

We are currently sold out of frozen raw juice, thermally dried elderberries and dried elderflowers. Every year sees advances in the harvest and processing of native elder berries and flowers. We compete against an established European industry where wild collected is considered “certified organic” where our growers must invest in their soil annually. 

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